3,2,1…Torque is Production-Ready!

3,2,1…Torque is Production-Ready!

The First-Ever Development Tool for Cloud Architecture ✨Torque ✨ is Production-Ready

As an open-source tool for cloud architecture, Torque offers an entirely new spin on cloud software development. 🌪☁️

And also, as an open-source project, it needs all the support it can get. Check it out and give our repo a ⭐️ github.com/torquetech/torque-workspace.

For the first time, Torque gives cloud architecture something it never had: plasticity. Now, architecture changes are effortless. Are you migrating to Kubernetes? Breaking up a monolith? Adding new cloud components? With Torque, these complex projects become simple tasks. Now developers can focus on development, not DevOps.

You remember, for example, when you add a new environment variable to your system, how much nit-picking it takes to keep everyone and every environment in sync? Or, how much work it is to get a new engineer to set up a development environment.

Let's not mention adding a new service or database. We simply avoid doing that, right?

How about the holy grail of cloud development - branch(PR)-based deployments?

Torque lets you accomplish all these tasks with a single command.

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Torque is an extensible and composable solution which means that you can make your own Torque packages to suit your needs. And how-to guides for package creation will be ready soon. In the meantime, the best way to create your own packages is to talk to us.

To experience cloud development and deployment with Torque, follow the example guide in the official docs.

With this major milestone behind us, we are now shifting our focus to building the first Torque packages that solve your most urgent cloud software development needs.